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Flower Essence Remedy Saves Your Pet From Summer Stress

(NewsUSA) - Does your pet race for the nearest corner, or hide under the bed when a thunderstorm strikes? Does he or she panic when it’s time to get in the car, or when  home alone for an extended time? Weather, travel, and separation are just a few of the possible causes of stress in pets.     

In addition, the celebratory 4th of July fireworks, while beloved by their owners, are cited as the top cause of stress in pets, according to a survey of approximately 1,000 pet-owning adults in the United States     

Pet stress is a common problem that leaves many pet owners puzzled and searching for solutions. However, homeopathic products that relieve stress in people can have a similar effect in pets. In a survey conducted by Wakefield Research, well over half (56 percent) say they would use a natural, herbal or homeopathic product to relieve their own stress, and more than half of them (51 percent) say they would offer such products to their pets, while 44 percent said they would use natural remedies for themselves and their pets.     

Bach Rescue Remedy Pet drops are a safe, simple option for relieving many types of stress in pets. The homeopathic formula is designed for use before, during and after a potentially stressful event, such as thunderstorms, fireworks, visits to the vet and groomer or a trip on an airplane.     

Bach Rescue Remedy Pet contains a blend of five flower essences selected for their stress-relieving properties:     

  • Cherry Plum: for composure & holding back on impulses     
  • Clematis: for livelier, focused behavior when inattentive     
  • Impatiens: for calm & composure when lacking self-control     
  • Rock Rose: for courage during times of panic or terror     
  • Star of Bethlehem: for easing after effects of trauma or mistreatment     

Formulated with just flower essences, vegetable glycerin, and water, Bach Rescue Remedy Pet drops are free of sedatives, CBD/hemp, sugar and artificial flavors and colors. One dose (four drops) can be given with food, treats or water as often as needed, and used alongside other pet health and wellness products including prescription medications.    “It’s important to anticipate the stress your pets may feel in certain situations and get out ahead of it,” says Cathy Madson, a pet expert at Preventive Vet and spokesperson for Bach Rescue Remedy Pet.     

“We all know what will be happening the evening of July 4th, which means we can be proactive in reducing noise-related stress. I recommend offering Bach Rescue Remedy Pet starting several days in advance in your pet’s water, on treats or directly in the mouth to begin the calming effect before the fireworks ever begin,” she advises.     

“This also holds true for preparing for an impending thunderstorm, grooming or vet visit, leaving them home alone or while traveling.”     

Bach Rescue Remedy Pet drops can be used by dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits and lizards of all ages, weights and breeds. The duration of stress relief depends on the pet and the situation. Stress relief for sudden situations, such as neighborhood fireworks, may be immediate, while relief from separation anxiety may take longer. For extended periods of stress relief, the company recommends adding drops to your pet’s water.     

Bach Rescue Remedy Pet is regulated by FDA, categorized under homeopathic drug, and is manufactured to comply with the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.     

Don’t let your pet suffer from stress this summer, or at any other time of year.     

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AI Comes Home With Smarter Robots

(TVA) - If your mental image of a robot in the home is limited to Rosie from the Jetsons, it's time to change your perspective.

Small, efficient robots from the innovative home robot company Trifo offer a new take on home help, with an artificial intelligence twist.

"Our vision is to create a family of home robots that takes care of the home so people can live better and focus on what's important," according to the company. The Trifo robots are designed to focus on the indoor home environment. Each is equipped with an artificial intelligence system that has sensing, perception and decision-making capabilities. Trifo robots are able to continuously adapt to their environments using advanced AI technology.

Lucy Ultra Edition, the flagship product of the Trifo line, is a compact, round robot that comes packed with features to make your life easier. Some of Lucy's standout features include:

- Dual vision. Not quite x-ray vision, but Lucy's 1080P HDR color camera combines with a Time-of-Flight depth camera that creates a colorful 3-D map of your home in Lucy's brain; this helps navigate even in low-light conditions.

- Obstacle avoidance. Lucy easily avoids the annoyance of getting stuck or trapped by household objects; unique visual and depth perception keep her clear of objects as short as one inch.

- Home protection day and night. Lucy provides full-time home protection with day and night vision. Privacy concerns? Data from your home is stored and processed in the robot herself, not in the cloud or on servers.

- Smart work. Lucy's adaptive technology allows her to learn her surroundings, following routes that adapt to the environment while avoiding off-limits zones, and alert you to unusual motions in the house when you aren't at home. Lucy is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can integrate her with other smart home features. Lucy's intelligence evolves over time, so she makes your life even easier the more you use her.

- Deluxe cleaning. Lucy vacuums, but she mops, too, with a dustbin/water tank combination that sends an alert when the water level gets low.

- Pet sitting. If you have a furry friend at home, Lucy takes the angst out of cleaning up pet hair and larger dirt from muddy paws. A built-in air freshener is a bonus that helps keep pet odors at bay. Also, check out the interactive laser toy to keep your pet entertained.

Visit for more information about the potential of advanced AI robots for home use.


Trucker Hats for Dogs Provide Eye Protection and Street Style

(TR) -- Some clothes for pets are strictly stylish, some are purely functional, and some are both. The idea of a trucker hat for a dog may seem strange, but in fact many dogs, especially those with blue and light-colored eyes, suffer from sun sensitivity that makes them squint and become anxious in bright conditions.

Tony Choi, an engineer in San Diego, Calif., and his veterinarian wife, Dr. Kathy Burnell, launched the initial PupLid trucker hat for dogs in 2018 to help make dogs comfortable after they found it significantly reduced anxiety in their own sun-sensitive dog, Buddy. They experimented with other dog hats and designs for months, but determined that a modified trucker hat design stayed in place and provided the best protection for Buddy.

The Six-Panel Camo baseball cap for dogs is the latest addition to the PupLid product line for dogs who prefer a more adventure-ready look. Like the trucker hats, the baseball caps will feature a patent pending "Furfect Fit" system for maximum comfort, stability, and adjustability. Dogs with shorter noses have the additional benefit of protection from sunburn and sun induced skin cancers on the nose.

Even dogs who might resist a hat will warm up to it with the right approach, according to Burnell and the PupLid website. Start by letting your dog sniff the PupLid and get used to seeing it. Then, put the hat on the dog's head for a few minutes at time, and use treats and rewards as the dog keeps it on for longer periods.

"When hat wearing is paired with a favorite walk or trip to the park, many dogs start getting excited to see their hat because they know they are about to go on an adventure," says Burnell.

The hats are engineered to stay put with a five point system -- two-points of contact on each side and one under the chin. The hook and loop fastener under the chin allows for a customized fit, and slider loops on the sides allow for further adjustment. PupLid hats are currently available in five sizes, XXS, XS, S, M, and L, but the company will launch a sixth size later this fall to further refine the fit for more dogs. More sizing information is available on the company website.

The company also strives to enhance the style factor to dog hats -- the hats are a seamless extension of baseball caps and trucker hats for people, available in five colors and over ten designs. More custom design options are available from PupLid's growing network of wholesale partners, and dog families can even order their own matching "trucker hats for humans" for the ultimate in coordination.

PupLid is a supplier to retailers as well as organizations seeking a completely unique option to add to their promotional products. Orders of 25 or more can feature a company logo or other design, and preorder options are available to reserve large supplies.

For more information, email [email protected].


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