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ABANDONED AT BIRTH Paints Vivid Portrait of the Detachment and Longing of an Adopted Child

(NewsUSA) - It’s stunning to realize that only 10 states make birth records available to American-born adoptees and their biological parents. For adult adoptees born in the 20th century era of closed adoptions, this presents a painful obstacle to discovering their origins and ending the agonizing hunger to know their own identity.

Janet Sherlund poignantly captures this journey in her elegant and heart-wrenching memoir, ABANDONED AT BIRTH: Searching for the Arms That Once Held Me. Sherlund paints a vivid portrait of the detachment and longing of an adopted child and the lifelong quest to find her biological mother. It’s an unflinching examination of the grief and trauma caused by this primal separation and the dogged determination it takes to face the forces of opposition—both internal and external—to finally achieve answers.

Janet SherlundABANDONED AT BIRTH illuminates the darker side of adoption, and what it takes to heal. “I hope it starts conversations about the rights of those given away, loss and grief in adoption, the biology of belonging and identity, and why love is not always enough to extinguish the pain,” Sherlund says.

Like many adoptees of her generation, Sherlund was the offspring of teenaged parents. Her mother was forced to have her baby in secrecy. Sherlund would come to learn that her mother was unusual for her time. Not only did she not tell the father she was pregnant, she wanted nothing to do with her baby and never even looked at her newborn.

All Sherlund had to go on when she began her search was a false narrative written about her biological parents by the adoption agency. The twists and turns, setbacks and disappointments, and surprising familial connections finally achieved make ABANDONED AT BIRTH a page-turner of a memoir.

For Sherlund, who raised her family and served on nonprofit boards in education, health and the cultural arts before writing her memoir, her single most significant life event was being given up for adoption at birth. Being adopted undermined her sense of trust and personal value and impacted every decision she made. Her memoir fulfills a lifelong dream of raising awareness about loss and grief in adoption, and why it takes more than love to survive that trauma.

Says Jenifer Eckert, founder of Boston Post Adoption Resources, “Janet's book is a gift to anyone touched by adoption or wonders what it is like to be adopted. Her personal story of search and reunion is beautifully and honestly told. Through Janet's journey we get an intimate understanding of what it is like to finally discover your identity after years of wondering and searching.”

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Debut Author Delivers Terror and Tension in Innovative Medical Thriller

(NewsUSA) - “I don’t know which is worse: disease of the human body or disease of humanity.” 

That’s the provocative question raised by the protagonist, Dr. Mark Lin, in author Anthony Lee’s debut medical thriller, the disturbing and dark DOCTOR LUCIFER, which has been drawing praise from fans of Robin Cook's Pandemic and Michael Crichton's State of Fear. 

“I may be a doctor, but I’m not like the rest of them. Docs typically treat without judgment, no matter who the patients are or how they live. Not me. I question the value of my work now and then. Does it really improve society, or is it wasted on the worst among us?” 

In today’s digital world, no one is safe from cyberattacks. Not even medical doctors and hospitals. Can a hacker remotely kill a doctor’s patients just by altering medical records? 

Dr. Lin, a proficient but cynical and disillusioned internist, is the target of such a hacker, known as Doctor Lucifer. Three of his patients at Ivory Memorial Hospital suffer from medication errors, created by the hacker, yet Mark is forced to take the blame. However, he knows that a computer worm is spreading worldwide and crippling network security everywhere. When Doctor Lucifer threatens more patient deaths, Mark vows to defend his honor. 

Together with the hospital’s information technology team, Mark scrambles to outwit the hacker and avert one medical crisis after another. But the consequences of Doctor Lucifer’s actions still hurt Mark, who soon hits rock bottom at the hands of a vengeful widow and an egotistical surgeon. He has no choice but to hunt down and confront Doctor Lucifer, an enemy with a truly malicious purpose. 

DOCTOR LUCIFER, Lee’s debut novel that is the first of a series, is a new take on the medical thriller, featuring unusual life-and-death situations, an antihero doctor taking center stage, and hard-hitting commentary on the state of humanity itself.  

Anthony LeeThe author has a unique background in medicine. After graduating from medical school, he switched from clinical medicine to health technology assessment, analyzing new medical tests and treatments in a career spanning over 15 years. 

BookLife says of DOCTOR LUCIFER, "Lee deftly weaves real-world concerns about cybersecurity into the fabric of his narrative, highlighting the vulnerability of medical institutions….Fans of medical and hacker thrillers will relish Lin's outrage and determination under impossible pressure." 

"Lee has a real knack for tension, crafting an exhilarating dive into the world of cybercrime and medical suspense that successfully blends elements of thriller and wider social commentary on the vulnerabilities of modern technology,” writes K.C. Finn of Readers’ Favorite. “This solid foundation of realistic and well-thought-out concepts allows the character-driven drama to shine.” 

Learn more at and Purchase DOCTOR LUCIFER at

New eBook From BookTrib Showcases First Chapters from Some of the Hottest Books

(NewsUSA) -, a leading source of book news, reviews and information for more than 20 years, is launching the second edition of BOOKTRIB’S LIT PICKS, an ebook showcasing excerpts from the first chapters of some of the hottest books -- past, present and future -- that readers can discover this Spring and Summer. 

Studies indicate that when people read an excerpt from a book, the probability of them buying and reading that book increases dramatically. In creating BOOKTRIB’S LIT PICKS, BookTrib, a unit of longtime leading literary marketing and promotion firm Meryl Moss Media Group, has compiled a collection of first-chapter excerpts from genres including contemporary and historical fiction, thrillers, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, self-help, memoirs and much more. The ebook includes offerings from major publishers like Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins to midlist titles and self-published works from celebrated emerging authors.  

The books represent: #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, #1 Sunday Times Bestseller, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Booklist Starred Review, Kirkus Starred Review, Library Journal Starred Review, USA Today Bestselling Author, Silver Falchion Award Winner, Bram Stoker Award Winner, Edgar Award Nominated Author, and Goodreads Choice Award Nominated Author.  

The latest version of the ebook includes offerings from well-known authors such as Rhys Bowen, Dean Koontz, Tessa Bailey, Mark Greaney, James Comey, Mike Bond, Laura Hankin, Gill Paul, Terry Hayes and more. 

The first edition of LIT PICKS, launched last holiday season, generated thousands of downloads and heaps of praise. 

One NetGalley reviewer, Amanda Waggoner, said, “I am always thrilled to see these samplers posted. It's a fantastic way to be introduced to new authors or the latest works from familiar authors. There are so many books on offer that it's great to get a sample to narrow down my list. I particularly appreciate that this sampler covers so many genres.” 

“Wow! All I can say is wow," said Naomi Jones on NetGalley. “If you have been looking for a new read, you'll find it here. I love this concept and was astonished at how lengthy this is.” 

“This is a great idea,” said NetGalley reviewer Carol Holland. “I picked this up and didn’t know what to expect but quickly saw that there were four or five books from each genre listed in the contents, and it gave a description of what the book was about a quick preview, a little bit about the author and the first chapter. I think this type of item should happen pretty regularly, like every month with new and old books. Now I know book catalogs from publishers, etc. have this info but it’s interesting to just have a handful in each genre from all publishers in one quick easy reference guide.” 

In a nutshell, BOOKTRIB’S LIT PICKS provides readers of all tastes and preferences and hungry to discover their next read with excerpts from a wide range of books sure to enhance their Spring/Summer reading list. 

BOOKTRIB’S LIT PICKS is available on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where ebooks are sold. To learn more, visit


ABOUT BOOKTRIB was created as a news source for people who love books, want to find out what’s happening in the book world and love learning about great authors of whom they may not have heard. has more than 90,000 unique monthly website visitors and more than 212,000 social media followers.

BookTrib’s Bites: Four Spellbinding Reads

(NewsUSA) - Meet Me at the StarlightMeet Me at the Starlight by Rachel Hauck

A heartfelt tale of romance, perseverance, and the enduring power of community by the New York Times bestselling author.

Eighties supermodel Harlow Hayes seeks solace in a quaint Florida beach town to heal from a heartbreak that shattered her world. To her surprise, she encounters Matt Knight--a Hollywood A-lister with a bad-boy reputation--who has returned to help his plucky grandmother, Tuesday, save her century-old skating rink, the Starlight.

The Starlight once acted as a refuge for Depression-era families and brought the town together with celebrations. Tuesday always protected her beloved rink from her husband's shady business dealings. Yet when it is threatened with demolition, Tuesday may not be able to stop it.

As Matt and Harlow plot with Tuesday to save the Starlight, they find themselves on a journey of surprises, self-discovery, and the kind of healing that leads to love. Purchase at

The way you've always wantedThe War You’ve Always Wanted by Mike McLaughlin

Pat Dolan’s father has a box. In it are treasures from Jimmy Dolan’s service in World War II—his photos, his medals, his memories. But ten-year-old Pat can’t understand why his father refuses to look in the box. After all, the war was a grand adventure, wasn’t it?

Determined to serve in the Army like his father, Pat enlists nine years later—but it’s 1972, and the American military is withdrawing from Vietnam after seven years of futile combat. As an Army combat correspondent surrounded by people growing more desperate by the day, young Dolan quickly learns how bleak the South’s prospects are. He is forced to witness the slow, steady death of a nation.

When Pat is wounded in action, he wonders if he will live long enough to fill a box of his own. Are there any treasures to be found in a country as fragile as this? Purchase at

BEINGBEING: A Brief History of the Universe by Masoud Mostafavi

This manuscript is a beginner/intermediate-level science book discussing a brief history of the universe and how we came to exist. The most recent scientific theories in cosmology and related physics and life sciences concepts are aimed to inform and educate the science-leaning public, especially college students. Subject matters include various origin and creation stories, the nature of reality, and ancient ideas in astronomy and modern cosmological theories, including the Big Bang.

The book contains chapters discussing historical milestones and topics of physics to help readers better comprehend modern complex cosmological concepts. The birth and death of stars, the Solar System, and the formation and development of the Earth during eons are covered in modest detail. Theories related to the emergence of life on Earth and the evolution of living organisms are described. Purchase at

The last harmonic book coverThe Last Harmonic: A Tale of Bella & Oscar by Dustin Cook

In the heart of an ancient castle, a curious cat named Bella stumbles upon a hidden world of mystical mice. Granted the gift of speech and bipedal movement, Bella joins forces with the brave mouse Oscar and a wise mouse wizard. Together, they embark on a perilous journey to confront a dark sorcerer threatening their kingdom. Along the way, they navigate treacherous traps, decipher ancient prophecies, and forge unbreakable bonds of friendship.

With courage and determination, they face their ultimate challenge in the sorcerer's lair, fighting to restore magic and harmony to their land. The Last Harmonic: A Tale of Bella & Oscar is a story of bravery, teamwork, and the power of light over darkness, captivating young readers with its enchanting adventure and timeless lessons and also appealing to adult readers. Purchase at

BookTrib’s Bites: Four Captivating Summer Reads

(NewsUSA) - DraftDaft Mejora’s Infinite Madness by Karl Dehmelt

America, 2021: an alien known as the Daft One washes ashore in Florida, arriving on a particular planet undergoing strange times. The only knowledge the Daft One has of earth comes from the Internet, where daily life and technology mix in startling, violent ways. However, rather than finding existence “on the ground” to be more serene and logical, the Daft One befriends the son of a Q-Anon supporting State Representative and finds himself in a country torn along political lines amidst conflicting realities.

 When the Daft One saves the State Representative from a shooter, his launch to American stardom through his quick trigger finger and acerbic tongue catapults him and his friends through a world where the Internet and daily life merge, resulting in a terrifyingly real odyssey based in satire, celebrity, and connection, with consequences both shockingly absurd and stunningly human. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wherever books are sold. Purchase at

CrashCrash Course by Ricardo Jimenez

Nine times out of ten, the passionate, well-educated, semi-cocky entrepreneur with dreams of taking the market by storm . . . fails. But don’t we have as much or more to learn from entrepreneurs who have failed as we do the lucky few who actually make it?

Entrepreneur Ricardo Jimenez crawls out from under the wreckage of his failed startup and explores how his best-laid plans went so terribly wrong. With surgical precision, Jiménez studies every decision, meeting, step, and misstep that turned his international toy company into an expensive lesson in how not to succeed.

Jiménez puts his whole story on display—the good, the bad, and the terrible—with the hope that the next generation of startup entrepreneurs can learn from his mistakes and take a pain-free shortcut to the important lessons he had to learn the hard way. Purchase at

The goldenThe Golden Warrior by Soraya Rose

In The Golden Warrior, Cassius, a slave and gladiator of much renown, receives a visit from his long-departed father.  After his father's visit, Cassius begins to realize that he has gifts given from the gods that are beyond his skills as a gladiator.

The more that Cassius develops his gifts, the more he begins to undertake a journey of not only self-reflection, but also a journey to see the world and people around him in a new light.  With each step he takes, he learns who he can trust to help him, who seeks to do him harm, and learns what it is that he stands for. Purchase at


KaboomerKaboomer by David Emerson Frost

Does poor physical fitness, flagging sexual health, fatigue, brain fog, or a life-sapping disease make you feel like you’ve lost it? Embrace proven and practical steps for your anti-aging journey from Master Fitness Trainer, Life Coach, and Rowing Champion David Frost in KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into Your Nineties.

 Filled with lasting lessons for longevity, this science-driven and sweat-proven manual will coach readers toward a happy, healthy lifestyle. With this guide, readers will discover and establish their:

  • Personalized healthy habits for good-to-great stamina, strength, stability, and stretching.
  • Live-to-100 diet plan to lose weight, improve gut health and body composition, and boost immunity while fighting inflammation and illness.
  • “Motion as medicine” with effective exercises and strength training to diminish pain and limit cognitive decline.
  • Enhanced libido and sexual performance for better pleasure without a prescription.
  • Restorative sleep and de-stress power practices to cheat death, and much more.

Purchase at




Life’s Hard Bargain by Donald G. Denihan

(NewsUSA) - I almost died shortly before Father’s Day in 2012, saved, ultimately, by my father. You might say I found him the night I almost lost my life.

Donal DenihanHe had died nearly thirty years before, but he was with me in the darkest moments of a harrowing, night-long ordeal being stranded at sea off the Bahamas in the midst of a violent storm. Through those endless rain-swept and wind-ravaged hours, my thoughts turned to him.

My father was a veteran of World War II, a product of the Greatest Generation who came home from Europe to build the America of today. He never once said “I love you.” It just wasn’t his way. His way was defined by work at the dry-cleaning business the family had founded.

My father was fond of saying, “No morning sun shines all day.” He said that to make the point that you should save your money. Today, I realize my father might just as easily have been talking about life in general. Life is full of clouds, storms, and darkness that serve to make us appreciate the light all the more. You don’t come out ahead in every bargain you make, but you must strive to honor the terms.

I learned that principle from my father and revisited it, along with so many other lessons he imparted, in that long night at sea when I didn’t think I’d live to see the dawn. Every time I started to slip away, feeling my eyes start to close for maybe the last time, I saw his face.

That night at sea, I started talking to my father as if he were there. I told him I had spent my life trying to do good things and I felt mine was a life well lived. I told myHard Bargain father that before I made a serious decision, I would ask myself, what would Dad do? I knew he loved me even though he never expressed it the way the fathers of my friends did and assured him I had grown into a man who was a lot like him, though inwardly I wondered if I’d be joining him soon.

I think about life as encapsulated in that long night stranded at sea with my father by my side. It’s simple to push down the throttle and pass the channel markers beyond the harbor. It’s easy to leave everything behind in the wake of white water and be free, easy to make a hard bargain with the calm sea. The hard bargain you make with rougher waters is altogether different because you’re at their mercy, a prisoner of their whims.

In times like those, keep your father close, in heart and mind, to guide you clear of the storm and into the light.

Donald G. Denihan, a real estate entrepreneur and waterman, is the author of HARD BARGAIN: What Life-Altering Experiences Taught Me About Faith, Friendship, and Family.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Thrillers to Travelogues, and Everything in Between

(NewsUSA) - The BucharestThe Bucharest Dossier by William Maz

“The Bourne Identity” meets John le Carre’s “The Spy Who Came In from the Cold.”

Bill Hefflin is a man apart—apart from life, apart from his homeland, apart from love. And he is about to learn that in the world of cold war espionage, life is cheap.

At the start of the 1989 uprising in Romania, CIA analyst Hefflin—a disillusioned Romanian expat—arrives in Bucharest at the insistence of his KGB asset, code-named Boris. As Hefflin becomes embroiled in an uprising that turns into a brutal revolution, nothing is as it seems, including the search for his childhood love, which has taken on mythical proportions.

With the bloody events unfolding at blinding speed, Hefflin realizes the revolution is manipulated by outside forces, including his own CIA and Boris—the puppeteer who seems to be pulling all the strings of Hefflin’s life. Purchase at

Looking for LegendsLooking for Legends by Scott and Tarantino

Would you rather have dreams, or memories?

Whether you're an armchair traveler, an occasional tourist, a seasoned globetrotter, a daring adventurer, or an intrepid explorer, there's something for everyone in Looking for Legends.

Part travelogue and part good old-fashioned action story, this witty commentary recreates the magic and excitement of adventure. The married authors span the globe over 25 years and discover that travel is more than the journey and the sights. It's about the people, the incredible individuals they befriend along the way--the towering legends who lived life out loud.

Complete with original, hand-drawn maps and more than 150 images, Looking for Legends delivers you to destinations from your wildest dreams: walk through the desert sands; dance the tango; drink ouzo on Stavros Beach; discover a mountain higher than Everest; unlock the secrets of the Rosetta Stone, and much more. Purchase at

Klara's TruthKlara’s Truth by Susan Weissbach Friedman

May 2014. Dr. Klara Lieberman—49, single, an archaeology professor and a contained person living a contained life—receives a letter from her estranged mother, Bessie, that will dramatically change her life. Her father—who has been absent from her life for 43 years—is dead. Has been for many years.  But now the Polish government is giving financial reparations for land it stole from its Jewish citizens during WWII, and Bessie wants the money. Klara wants answers about her father – so she flies to Warsaw.

Klara begins to piece together her father’s, and her own, story. She also connects with extended family, begins a romantic relationship, and discovers her calling: repairing the hundreds of pre-War Jewish cemeteries in Poland. Along the way, she makes peace with her past and builds purposefully toward a bigger future. Purchase at

The guideThe Guide - Survival, Warfighting, Peacemaking by Gregory Munck

Life with a drug-addicted father meant sleeping with one eye open, nervously anticipating but not knowing what chaotic event would happen next. Whether it was having a shotgun placed against his head or snorting cocaine at 13 with his dad, the unpredictable and unwanted were Greg Munck’s normal. Just when his anxiety and anger were starting to rumble, the Marines and a long boat ride to Kuwait to fight in the Gulf War changed the trajectory—and eternity—of a 20-year-old warfighter gifted by God to lead men.

Simple, emotional, and visceral, this story is about earth’s brokenness, God’s presence, and the true significance that resonates in the soul of every man. To do great things is embedded in the heart of every man, but the process demands courage, perseverance, and faith. Discover the bravery to win your own biggest emotional and spiritual battles. Purchase at


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Forty-Six Years of Puppy Love – As Told Through Shiva Eyes

(NewsUSA) - Can an ordinary life be extraordinary? It depends on the lens through which one views it. In the case of Marc Gellman, that lens is Shiva Eyes and the life is the one he describes in his powerful and unforgettable memoir, Seven Days of SHIVA.

Young Marc with BarbaraThis love story is a full portrait of a marriage that will make you smile, laugh, and cry. Looking through a husband’s Shiva Eyes, readers will experience the couple’s wondrous life as he searches deep into his soul to find the answer: Can a forty-year marriage still have been magical, romantic, and filled with life, even with a thirty-year struggle with breast cancer?

Don’t let the title mislead you . . . The story is a romantic celebration of life and the next romantic love story – a New York City tale about a boy from Brooklyn and a girl from The Bronx.

Seized with grief at the loss of his beloved and vibrant wife Barbara, Marc does the only thing he finds he can do: He starts telling stories. This unique memoir is much more than a tribute to a departed love. Their story shows how a cancer journey seamlessly entwines through a four-decades-long love story.

Surrounded by family and friends for seven days of sitting Shiva, Marc recounts his fairytale love story, from their teenage meeting in the 1960s Rockaway summer scene, to being early marrieds in New York City, to suburban parenting, and to life as an urban couple relishing their empty nest. Once it appears, Barbara's courageous, grueling, determined, hope-filled fight against a brutal disease is unflinchingly depicted.

With candor and humor, laughter and tears, the author shares the tales of a life both wildly charmed and excruciatingly challenging. Theirs is a life of parties and singingMarc today and celebration, and a life of hard work raising three lively children while managing two demanding careers. It’s a life of playful adventures and hijinks, of making the most of every silly moment in even the most serious of times. A life of standing up to every challenge together and dancing close whenever they can.

Observing the singular, remarkable romance of Marc and Barbara through Shiva Eyes, the author uncovers a depth to their love he’d never fully grasped, and a strength in his wife that he’d never fully understood. And about everything that the cancer couldn’t touch: their nonstop silliness and playful puppy love that endured through the hills and valleys of their life together. Entwined into their marriage, cancer took a place in their love story without overtaking it.

Don’t be surprised if you see some of yourselves in the characters and their journey. Come along to discover a happy-ever-after born of laughter, devotion, faith, and above all, a teenage puppy love that only grew with each passing year.

Learn more at and purchase at

BookTrib’s Bites: Jump into Spring with These Four Reads

(NewsUSA) - Leaning on AirLeaning on Air by Cheryl Grey Bostrom

They last spoke as teens . . .

But a surprise encounter 12 years later reunites ornithologist Celia Burke with veterinary surgeon Burnaby Hayes, and they enter the most unusual romance of her life.

After a decade of marriage, tragedy strikes while Celia hunts for the nest of a research hawk. She’s certain Burnaby won’t understand her anguish or forgive the choice that initiated it.

She flees to kindness at a remote farm, where a wild prairie and an alluring neighbor convince her to begin anew. But when unexplained accidents, cryptic sketches, and a mute little boy make her doubt her decision, only a red-tailed hawk and the endangered lives of those she loves can compel her to examine her past―and reconsider her future.

A soaring tale of wonder, loss, redemption, and restoration from the award-winning author of Sugar Birds. Purchase at

Curing DeathCuring Death by Mark Rosenberg M.D.

Dr. Mike Royce has a problem. His patients keep dying. His skills as an ER doctor are unmatched, but he can’t save them all. With every death, his sense of failure grows.

With the help of a brilliant nurse—his sometime lover—Royce embarks on a controversial research project to challenge the inevitability of death. When he discovers a never-before observed energy in the body, he feels he has stumbled upon the soul itself. And he makes a tantalizing connection between the egress of this soul energy and imminent, certain death.

To forestall death, Royce must find a way to stop that soul-energy from leaving the body, before his own mysteriously erratic, increasingly unstable mind betrays him. "All in the backdrop of the continual traumas of a hospital emergency room headed by the unstoppable Dr. Mike Royce – you can’t put it down." Purchase at

Queen of SteeplechaseThe Queen of Steeplechase Park by David Ciminello

The absolutely, positively, practically, almost-true story of infamous burlesque queen and magic meatball maker Belladonna Marie Donato. Pregnant at 15 after gleefully losing her virginity to pansexual neighborhood strongman Francis Anthony Mozzarelli, she is robbed of her baby by a pack of nefarious nuns, and her embittered papa has her sterilized without her consent (legal in 1935).

With the help of Francis and her top-secret meatball recipe, a Bella embarks on a riotous quest through Depression-era Coney Island sideshows, the world of peek-a-boo striptease routines, a queer mob marriage, and tasty collection of wisdom-filled recipes to find her lost child, herself, and maybe true love. It all leads Bella back to the scene of her Original Sin, where she faces matters of life and death, questions of forgiveness, and a mess only the healing properties of great Italian cooking can fix. Purchase at

New TestamentThe New Testament, Second Edition: A 21st Century Translation by Michael Straus

A translation that brings some fresh turns of phrase to the New Testament's varied texts. Not designed to supplant prior translations but to shed light on obscure passages; capture the humanity of Jesus' personality as presented in the Gospels; intelligibly convey doctrine and experience as related in Acts and the Epistles; and reflect the atemporal nature of the Book of Revelation.

The translation seeks to be at once enjoyable, novelistic and at times poetic, avoiding the overly literal, freely adopting the colloquial, and taking grammatical license where the writer employed imagery not subject to standard linguistic limitations.

 As a whole it approaches Scripture as the viva vox evangelii, with ongoing linguistic presence through credal, liturgical, sermonic and other forms of expression. Purchase at


The Untold Story of GoDaddy Founder’s Traumatic Life and Explosive Success

(NewsUSA) - If ever there was a story about a self-made man whose wealth can be measured more by the contents of his heart than by the contents of his bank account, this is it.

Everybody has heard of GoDaddy, but how many people know the real-life story of the highly successful, philanthropic, and colorful man behind the company? For the first time, GoDaddy and PXG founder Bob Parsons, in a highly confessional account, shares the story of his life, from his humble upbringing to his meteoric rise as one of early tech’s pioneers.

FIRE IN THE HOLE! The Untold Story of My Traumatic Life and Explosive Success (Forefront Books) is an unflinching yet inspirational account of his path to success, from a hardscrabble childhood to his combat service as a U.S. Marine during the Vietnam War – and beyond.

Bob ParsonsA descendant of coal miners, Parsons grew up in the 1950s in a blue-collar, working-class neighborhood in East Baltimore. Money was tight, given his parents shared a mutual fondness for gambling and were not particularly good at it. In his book, Parsons talks about the financial struggles his family faced, as well as the emotional neglect he experienced as a boy.

He writes: “We were just getting by when Pop’s business failed … my dad racked up so much debt from gambling and credit cards that everything came tumbling down. In the end, he practically gave the business away. And, when he did, we went from not having much to having nothing. I mean absolutely nothing.”

An admittedly so-so student, he recalls the struggles he faced in learning, as well as the corporal punishment dished out by Catholic school nuns. But his early experiences reveal an innate resiliency that got him through a harrowing tour of duty in Vietnam, his early years at his first company, Parsons Technology, as well as his bold business decisions that would eventually make him one of the wealthiest people in the world. With a net worth of $3.6 billion, Parsons is No. 314 on the Forbes 400 2023 list of the richest people in America.

He's an everyman who has made it. He’s authentic. And his reflections on life, business, and giving back are heartbreaking, heartwarming, humorous, and inspiring.

In the book, Parsons:

  • Shares how he survived his grueling tour of duty in Vietnam with the U.S. Marines infantry.
  • Reveals the struggles he has faced throughout his lifetime because of PTSD, as well as the efforts he has made to treat it, including novel therapeutic uses of psychedelics.
  • Offers the lessons he has learned during his career, from the launch of his first business, Parsons Technology, to the creation of his present-day business empire, which includes YAM Worldwide and Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG).

Since 2012, Parsons and his wife, Renee, have donated nearly $300 million to more than 96 charities and organizations worldwide. Having suffered from PTSD, he works to find new and effective treatments for himself and others. FIRE IN THE HOLE! encourages readers to dream big and imagine all that’s possible – even if the cards seem stacked against them.

Learn more at and purchase the book at

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