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BookBites: Four Diverse Stories To Intrigue Readers


"Ms. Bitch"
by Tricia O'Malley

From the outside, it seems thirty-six-year-old Tess Campbell has it all: happy marriage, successful career, and an exciting cross-country move ahead. But she doesn't. Life is a bitch. And suddenly so is Tess. When Tess discovers the truth about her marriage, she decides it's time to live the life she's always wanted.

Tess embraces her lifelong dream of exploring the world. First stop -- scuba diving in Mexico, where the handsome Scottish diving instructor has Tess tied in knots. With her hard-won independence on the line, Tess must decide what's scarier -- learning to love again or letting her past control her future. Purchase at

"Looking for the Enter Sign"
by Alexandra Retana

A tale of perseverance, sacrifice and hope. Sasha's childhood in Leningrad was happy, sheltered, and in many ways privileged. But in 1989, just as she finds herself on the brink of adolescence, her secure existence is pulled out from under her. With the impending collapse of the Soviet Union, her family joins the millions of Jews fleeing the country to seek asylum in the U.S.

Written with care, razor-sharp wit, and an eye for detail, this book paints a heartwarming picture of a family in transit, tracing their steps from their home in Leningrad to their final destination in Boston. The book explores culture shock, belonging, Jewish identity in the Diaspora, and the meaning of family and friends in times of hardship. Purchase at

"Wednesday Club"
by Jo Barney

Half of Jan Morrison's life is pure chaos, the half that has to do with her family. The other half, the half in which she counsels children whose own lives are as chaotic as hers, is the core of her days, and she is pretty successful even though she comes to school hung over and has her flaws.

When Jan's job is in jeopardy, her only hope is to cure the six most problematic kids in the school. But the kids in her Wednesday Club are not following the rules and are creating havoc in classrooms and on the playground. Jan's job comes to an end, but there's hope on the horizon. Learn more at

"Movie Dynasty Princesses: Irene Mayer Selznick and Edith Mayer Goetz"
by Jennifer K. Lafferty

The fascinating lives of celebrated Broadway producer Irene Mayer Selznick ("A Streetcar Named Desire"; "The Chalk Garden") and leading socialite Edith Mayer Goetz are explored in this revealing double bio. As the daughters of iconic MGM mogul Louis B. Mayer, they were Hollywood royalty. Through their marriages to high-profile film producers, the sisters carved out their distinctive niches in Hollywood.

Edie became queen bee of movie industry society while Irene left her husband and started a new life in New York. Set against the glamorous backdrop of Hollywood's Golden Age and post-war Broadway, the book chronicles the exciting and sometimes heartbreaking journeys of these sisters. Purchase at

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