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Booktrib's Bites: A Potpourri of Diverse Reading Choices


As Time Unfolds"As Time Unfolds"
by Barbara Zerfoss

Bethany Miller inherits an ancestral home from the biological mother she never knew. Inside a grandfather clock named The Timekeeper, she discovers a family journal. For three centuries, generations of women each wrote one entry, sharing family secrets, chronicling courageous acts, the freeing power of forgiveness and more.

Reading the women's stories and timeless wisdom, Bethany begins to reassess her busy life and contemplates taking a chance on romance, but she can't forget an alarming encounter with a girl's soul-piercing eyes. They shot a dire warning. . . right before she disappeared. Those eyes cause Bethany's past, present and future to collide.

This suspenseful tale with elements of historical fiction will captivate you from the start and keep you guessing until The Timekeeper chimes twelve. Purchase at

God's Gift (Woman)"God's Gift (Woman)"
by Freddie Floyd Jr.

This book helps readers understand the value God placed on women, and why it's so important for women to unlearn the things that society has shown them regarding their purpose, why they need to establish a healthy relationship with the Creator so He can be your guide. No longer will you feel the need to settle, know who you are, and what is your value in Christ.

Once again, the author has written a short, straightforward guidebook to help readers looking to connect with God and hoping to reap the abundance that is available through that practice. It is all about how women believe and treat themselves, which sets the standard for how others will treat them. Take the journey. Purchase at

CareGivers ScareTakers"CareGivers ScareTakers"
by Jacklyn Ryan

Do you know if your trusted caregiver is ripping off your parents? What can you do to protect your loved ones? How can you find the best qualified caregiver?

Families struggle to find dependable, trusted care. These true stories are but a glimpse that exposes fraud and manipulation by unscrupulous caregivers. Through these stories, you will learn to identify subtle hints that expose a dishonest caregiver. You'll discover resources, tips on hiring and managing your caregiver, as well as some basic estate planning advice.

More than $37 billion is stolen each year because of the financial exploitation of seniors, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Better regulation is needed for in-home care agencies. Raising the bar on caregivers will raise the bar on the quality of care. Purchase at

The Colorless Womb"The Colorless Womb"
by Kimberly Gowdy

Kimberly had always yearned for a child, but after multiple miscarriages, coupled with an unhealthy marriage, she accepted that her plan to become a mother was inconceivable. A painful divorce and a job opportunity opened the door for a fresh start in Atlanta. A chance meeting with her husband-to-be David was a breath of fresh air. They seemingly shared the same goals and dreams, but soon after realized life doesn't always go as planned.

They entertained the possibility of surrogacy, yet after three failed attempts, and only two embryos left, failure wasn't an option. Desperation to find the right surrogate led them to the biggest surprise of their lives: an unlikely person who proved to be the perfect match. Purchase at

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THE HUMAN CALLING: 3000 Years of Eastern and Western Philosophical History


We are living in an era where predatory monopolies are intensified, governments are over-expanded, and personal agency is weakened. Global social turmoil is at an all-time high. From the Occupy Movement, Black Lives Matter and the "Great Resignation" in the United States to the "Laying Flat" mentality in China, we have found that in this global, technocratic, money-worshipping, and ultra-pragmatic system, more and more people are losing faith in their value as an individual.

THE HUMAN CALLING: 3000 Years of Eastern and Western Philosophical HistoryPoliticians and corporations around the world have hijacked the public forum and turned public media into a tool to enhance their interests. How can people see the machinations in this enormous, complex international system and realize their value as individuals and members of communities? How can they regain their autonomy?

Daofeng He's illuminating new book, THE HUMAN CALLING: Three Thousand Years of Eastern and Western Political Philosophy (Morgan James Faith; April 26, 2022), is a journey into the past to help us navigate into the future.

He believes that we must understand the origins and development of the competing philosophies, beliefs, and ideologies between the East and the West to truly understand the roots of conflicts and turbulence in the world today. This will allow us to reconstruct the sacred origin of the modern universal value system and help people rediscover the dignity and public grace of individual life.

Daofeng HeA survivor of the violence and famine of Mao Zedong's totalitarian Cultural Revolution, the dream-crushing violence at Tiananmen Square, and the rise of China's market economy, He grew up in an atheist society devoid of spirituality. After years as an economist, entrepreneur and NGO director, He retired to Maryland in 2015 with some heavy questions on his mind: "What kind of life is really worth living? Is there any other option for human life aside from the modern grind of forced busyness, manipulation by online advertisements, and hatred and violence generated and directed by those who form public opinion? Can we find a way to make human life return to its former graceful and dignified pace, make it encourage inquiring, independent thinking, peaceful communication, mutual respect and philosophical exchange, and connection to the divine source of 'the human calling'?"

To find the answers, He traced the growing dysfunction of humankind's alienation by examining the rise and fall of the world's great civilizations and their religious, philosophical, economic and political histories. His intellectual journey led him to a startling conclusion-the calling of Christianity. "My new faith shattered my unreasonable expectation to find absolute truth in the Eastern sages who preached that morality was relative. It also cut off the path to the materialistic gods of the new, moneyed East."

THE HUMAN CALLING is the book we need right now to illuminate our shared human history and provide answers as to how we can start creating a better world for everyone.

Visit THE HUMAN CALLING website at or purchase the book

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BookTrib's Bites: Secrets, Poetry, Celebrities, Plot Twists


An Upside-Down Sky“An Upside-Down Sky”
by Linda Dahl

When Lidia, a blocked Latinx artist in her sixties, goes on a group tour of Namyan, a fictional Southeast Asian country reopened to the world after a long dictatorship, she gets much more than the vacation she thinks she’s signed on for. Against a backdrop of pagodas and enigmatic customs, she and the disparate crew of 18 Americans encounter one adventure after another -- experiences that challenge their assumptions about their host country’s placid surface of beautiful pagodas and wandering Buddhist monks.

Lidia finds companionship and sexual pleasure with Haynes, a Black man seeking adventure. They watch the nighttime sky, and the stars look upside-down -- a metaphor for Namyan as a foreign place for her. She enjoys Haynes but is conflicted. The final chapter reveals a secret and her steps towards a new freedom. Purchase at

Love…as of late“Love…as of late”
by Adrienne N. Wartts

How do you respond if a loved one you lost touch with suddenly reappears in your life? Celebrating National Poetry Month, “Love … as of late” is a poetic narrative about a man and woman who desired to be together despite the geographical distance between them. Years after losing contact with each other, she discovers he has passed away.

As she reflects on memories of their past, grief turns to comfort when the Holy Spirit reveals he has received the gift of eternal life -- an affirmation conveyed through a series of synchronicities that demonstrate how love, hope and faith work together to provide a glimpse of the potential promises God has planned. Purchase at

Celebrities Against Violence: Case Studies in Speaking Out“Celebrities Against Violence: Case Studies in Speaking Out”
by Truman R. Keys

Violence is more than an issue in America; it is a pandemic. Its negative impacts and corrosive character are undeniable, whether you are a victim, a bystander or a professional tasked with public health and safety. Violence itself does not discriminate, affecting individuals regardless of class or social standing.

This book spotlights the celebrities and their loved ones who have experienced various types of violence and survived to tell their stories to the world. Whether they encountered self-harm, bullying, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, family abuse, home invasion, gun violence or police brutality, these public figures were able to work through their trauma and share their tales of survival. Purchase at

Leave No Trace“Leave No Trace”
by Tim Mulholland

In this mystery thriller, Fred, a skilled backpacker in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, stumbles upon a woman who has been kidnapped. Kim, a leading computer scientist, has created a security tool that is thwarting the efforts of an international computer hacking group, and the group seeks to neutralize her or bring her to their side. To keep her out of trouble, mercenaries capture her, seclude her in a house, and take her to the mountains to keep her away from computers and rescue.

Fred works out with Kim how to get her safely back to civilization. The story involves Fred’s backpacking trip, Kim’s kidnapping and the amazing story of how they continue backpacking together and then create their rescue in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Purchase at

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BookTrib's Bites: Engaging Memoirs, History, Love, Tributes and Adventure


Laughing All the Way to the Bank"Laughing All the Way to the Bank"
by Gigi Spacola

Gigi Spacola had two rules to live by in college: work hard and get good grades, and don't make the mistake of dating Jeremy Cotton! Gigi succeeded initially, but the two bump into each other during a graduation celebration -- and life will never be the same.

When Gigi begins a job as a saleswoman, she experiences a series of mishaps that leave her laughing all the way to the bank. She spends her nights as a modern-day Cinderella, with Jeremy introducing her to life among Boston's elite. When Jeremy is ready to live happily ever after, he must keep a promise to his father which jeopardizes his relationship with Gigi. Purchase at

Tomorrow's Flight"Tomorrow's Flight"
by M.E. Ellington and Steven Stiefel

American Cruise Airlines Flight 839 was supposed to be a routine redeye. But destiny often changes people's lives. When a dinosaur fossil is unearthed in the central Nevada desert, the last thing Andrea Alejandro, a graduate student in paleontology, expected to find was the tail section of an airplane in the same strata of earth.

After Flight 839 crash lands in unfamiliar terrain, Sarah documents the daily routine she and her fellow passengers follow, waiting to be saved. The survivors realize they have crossed through time. The daily horrors of Cretaceous life become clearer as they encounter a family of Tyrannosaurus Rexes that grows increasingly interested in the survivors. As timelines collide, one woman's battle for survival becomes another woman's fight for the truth. Purchase at

Yours Always"Yours Always"
by Henry Scott

"Yours Always" provides a unique and intimate window into the lives of a southern man, forced to rebuild his life after the Civil War, and a northern woman, with a pedigree, who fall in love. The story, of the author's great-grandparents, Henry Clark Scott and Bertha Warburton Drake, is principally told through their nearly 1,500 letters, diaries and related historical accounts in a beautiful, 8-x-11-format, 705-page, showcase hardcover book.

Their letters poignantly reveal their challenges and heartaches. The unprecedented volume of their first-person testimony gives a new perspective on their world of more than three generations ago. And you will come to know how they expressed their love in closing every letter with the devoted words, "yours always." Purchase at

Rush Limbaugh A Tribute: Why I Listen and What I've Learned"Rush Limbaugh A Tribute: Why I Listen and What I've Learned"
by Daniel O. Noorlander Jr.

The author has listened to Rush Limbaugh on the radio for 30 years and studied what Rush has to say. His files contain over 6,500 Rush segments and he keeps track of what Rush teaches about American history, how to preserve America as founded, and defend America's founding documents and principles.

This book is the result of that effort. It is also a tribute to Rush and what he has meant to the author over the years. The author honors his life by sharing what he learned with others. Sample chapters are available at Purchase at

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BookTrib's Bites: Hollywood, Adulting, Atypical Sci-Fi, Action Saga


Deception: A Hollywood Mystery"Deception: A Hollywood Mystery"
by Britt Lind

Blood and dreams run red through the magical land of Hollywood, and rarely do kind souls win the spoils of war ... . When singer/songwriter Josh Sibley gets the opportunity to write songs for a multimillion-dollar feature film, he's all in. Then he meets Lila Levy, the sexy singer/actress married to the movie's producer. She attempts to use her sexuality to hook Josh into a secret love affair.

But in Hollywood, dark souls are clothed in glamour and secrets. When Lila's husband is murdered, Lila disappears, leaving Josh to deal with the woman determined to track her down -- Police Sergeant Rosemaria Baker. When the cops finally bring Lila in, she declares herself innocent and builds her case around disturbing childhood trauma that will twist Josh's soul. Purchase at

The Happy Clam"The Happy Clam"
by Rosemary Schmidt

If the author's "Go Forward, Support!" was all about staying a child as long as possible, this book is all about being an adult. "The Happy Clam" scales the realms of happiness -- physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, spiritual -- bringing together findings from the fields of psychology and philosophy with practical advice on how to apply them.

There are 1,000 things we can do to invite more happiness into our lives but only a few things that really make a difference. Just as clams are filter feeders, taking in nourishment from what's in the passing current, the author has taken in all the bits and bytes of daily news, research, and experience, and stitched them together to create a delicately crafted mosaic rich in hope and inspiration. Purchase at

Terms of Service"Terms of Service"
by Craig W. Stanfill

This is not your typical sci-fi novel. Start with "1984," add in a healthy dose of "Brave New World" and "Fahrenheit 451," stir in a bit of "The Matrix" and "Blade Runner," and you have "Terms of Service." It is a thought-provoking exploration of the profound consequences to society as the digital world and the all-powerful corporations that rule it play a greater role in our lives, leaving readers to wonder where it will all end.

This is a work of literary science fiction, surreal in places, heavily laced with satire, mystical realism and even a bit of absurdism. In terms of subject matter, it lies squarely within the boundaries of the cyberpunk genre. A slow burn with an explosive finish. Purchase at

The Orchid Farmer's Sacrifice"The Orchid Farmer's Sacrifice"
by Fred Yu

In ancient China, spoiled and overconfident 18-year-old Mu Feng relishes life as the son of an honored general. But when his sister is abducted and his friends are slaughtered, he flees from home. He soon discovers the mystical birthmark on his body has put an enormous price on his head. Pursued across the Middle Kingdom, Feng finds allies in two fierce warriors and a beautiful assassin. When he learns his enemy plans an incursion with advanced weaponry, he must call on his friends and his own budding military genius to defend his country.

Can Feng fulfill a duty he didn't know he had and unite the empire against a terrifying force? If you like flashing swords, martial arts mayhem and inescapable fates, then you'll love this pulse-pounding saga. Purchase at

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