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BookBites: Human Drama, Suspense, and a Guide to Finding the Right Guy


"A Nest for Lalita"
by Ken Langer 

Meena Kaul is director of Behera House, a safe haven in India for women who have survived domestic violence. When Behera House loses funding to expand, the right-wing Hindu Democratic Party (HDP), seeking to win women's votes before an election, provides a multimillion-dollar grant.

Meena's worst fears come true: The HDP wins the election and chips away at a hundred years of progress on women's rights. Meanwhile, "green architect" Simon Bliss, commissioned to design the new facility, falls for the alluring Meena. Attempting to loosen the HDP's grip on Meena, Simon takes on reactionary politicians, shady priests, and crooked businessmen, coming face to face with disturbing truths about his past. Purchase at

"He Said What?!"
by Katie Beringer 

At last, a "tough love" book that gives empowered females the tools to quickly screen out the wrong guys…and pave the way for the right guys. Here's your personal online "dating mentor" to navigate this crazy process. Read the incredible stories from Katie's adventures with scamsters and schemers, filled with tips and tactics to move Mr. Wrong out of your orbit quickly.

Learn what it means to be cushioned, submarined, stashed, breadcrumbed, orbited, zombied or kittenfished, and identify the red flags when smitten by that cute guy who attempts to manipulate your emotions and trust! There are marvelous men out there; this book streamlines the search to help find the one for you. Purchase at

"The Girl With No Name"
by Lisa Regan 

Nail-biting, twisty and impossible to put down. Detective Josie Quinn is horrified by what she finds at the large house: the viciousness of the attack -- smashed glass, splintered furniture and blood spattered across the floor. The owner, a single mother, is fighting for her life, and her newborn baby is missing.

A beautiful young woman caught fleeing the scene is Quinn's only lead, but when she is questioned, it seems this mysterious girl doesn't know who she is, where she's from or why she's so terrified. As Josie digs deeper, she is convinced the attack, the missing child, and the nameless woman are linked to a spate of killings across the county, and Josie is faced with a heart-breaking decision. Purchase at

"Water is Wider "
by Marie Green McKeon 

"An affecting exploration of youth and a poignant meditation on grief, meaning, and family."

A young girl runs away from home, searching for the father who abandoned the family. A middle-aged woman, who has never ventured outside the confines of living with her mother and working at a small printing company, finds her small world shattering. Her mother dies, the company falls on hard financial times, and she faces the distinct possibility of losing her home.

Water is Wider tells the story of how these two lives intersect, and how bonds between strangers can sometimes grow stronger than bloodlines. Purchase at


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