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BookTrib's Bites: Fascinating Characters and Sound Advice


Lady Editor"Lady Editor"
by Melanie Kirkpatrick 

Sarah Josepha Hale was the most influential woman in America for half a century. As editor of "Godey's Lady's Book," Hale was the leading cultural arbiter for the growing nation. Women (and many men) turned to her for advice on what to read, what to cook, how to behave, and -- most importantly -- what to think. She used her powerful pen to promote a woman's right to an education, to work and to manage her own money.

There is hardly an aspect of nineteenth-century culture in which Hale did not figure prominently as a pathbreaker. Americans' favorite holiday -- Thanksgiving -- wouldn't exist without Hale. "Lady Editor" recreates the life of this major historical woman, whose career as a writer, editor and early feminist encompassed ideas central to American history. Purchase at

Almost Happy"Almost Happy"
by Dr. Brian Kaplan and Hephzibah Kaplan

It's a proven fact: We are healthier and happier when we are laughing. Not only is laughter good for our body, mind and spirit, but it can also help us face the uncomfortable challenge of dealing with our personal difficulties.

"Almost Happy" provides practical and accessible ways to use humor to effect change. Reverse psychology can provoke us to discover, own and enact authentic solutions to many of our issues. Are you ready to read a book that will gently tease you about your issues? Some 114 original buttons and provocative suggestions are offered with a twinkle in the eye and affection in the heart. Purchase at

Bars for Days"Bars for Days"
by Mic Nickels

In this generational time capsule, the author vividly describes his experiences growing up alongside the hip hop revolution and into the dawn of the Information Age. He recounts early struggles being raised by a single mother affected by the 1980s drug epidemic, his coming-of-age experiences pursuing a career as a rapper and musician, and his travels to exotic destinations such as Egypt, Peru, Japan and Cuba; Nickels provides brilliantly lucid glimpses into times past.

"Bars for Days" is an inspiring human-interest story which encapsulates the relentless drive of an aspiring musician. Interactions with celebrities from the underground hip hop community provide entertaining anecdotes. But the true story lies in his commitment to family, becoming a long-distance father and dealing with unexpected loss. Purchase at

Leaders: And What They Need"Leaders: And What They Need"
by CW5 Issac D Smith Jr.

"Has the role of the 21st century leader changed? And if so, in what way? This book approaches these questions through a distinct lens. It teaches people how the life of an army soldier includes lessons that can be equally applied to working individuals in the corporate world.

While in the army, the author took charge of multiple leadership roles. He learned that, at the very core, all these functions are similar, and reaching your full potential takes commitment and relentless hard work. Being a great leader is not only about the things you say but the actions you take. This book will help you discover new ways to bring out the best in your employees, coworkers or students. Purchase at

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