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BookTrib's Bites: Four Fascinating Fall Reads

(NewsUSA) - Nadia CoverNadia Boulanger by James Whipple Miller

Nadia Boulanger was a French music teacher and conductor who taught many of the leading composers and musicians of the 20th century. She also performed occasionally as a pianist and organist. This is the first biographical study of the great French master teacher’s last half of life. The book includes 227 letters exchanged over four decades between Boulanger and her close friend and disciple Ruth Robbins.

From this unique epistolary record between an extraordinary pedagogue and her student, we gain deep and new insights into Boulanger’s beliefs and feelings, and how they changed as she faced the challenges of aging. Another intimate perspective on Boulanger comes from her favorite post-war student Idil Biret who vividly describes her resistance to Boulanger’s rigidity. Purchase at

The Irish ConnectionThe Irish Connection by Norma Jennings

For those who love epic stories, this gripping page-turner unveils the brutality of imperialism in Ireland and the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. A historical saga you will never forget.

West Cork, Ireland, 1846: Desperate and half-starved, an Irishman boards a hurricane-battered ship to the Caribbean. But life away from Ireland is also bleak. The ship is attacked by pirates, his best friend is killed, and he arrives on a distressful, slave-scourged island.

Jamaica, West Indies, 1846 - 1849: Sean O'Sullivan barely endures his work as overseer for the cruelest British planter in Jamaica. Britain is forced to abolish slavery, but angry planters continue to brutalize Blacks. Rebellions erupt and activists are lynched. O'Sullivan quietly resists planter abuse and creates thriving farming communities owned by his ex-slaves.

How will he survive, as uprisings continue to flare and a well-respected human rights activist returns home to Jamaica? Purchase at

Hello Future SkillsHello Future Skills by Vijay K. Banda

"Just like old keys cannot open new doors, preparing for the future of work, driven by technological transformations, also requires an updated version of you, A New You."

Thus, there is an urgent need to guide and equip today's teens and young adults with a "new mindset" and empowered with "new actions," to achieve "new results" aligning with the future workforce needs. This book will enable with this New-You transformation through a 4 'A' transformation framework, an integrated approach combining personality and skill development in a self-help manner, and an upskilling scorecard to track/progress of your New You transformation.

The author has 25+ years of global information technology experience, working with various Fortune 100 companies. This book is a result of divine guidance from his Guru, in converting his competencies into human service, a way of giving back to society. Purchase at

SQLSQL Quest: A Journey Through Data by Neha Saini

Are you ready to embark on a journey where you'll befriend clever creatures, solve riddles, and unravel the mysteries of data using the power of SQL? This interactive book takes young readers on an epic quest to become SQL wizards!
 Inside, you will find:
 Engaging Stories: Follow the adventures of Data, Query the Princesses, and their friends as they explore the Kingdom of Databases.
 Challenging Puzzles: Test your skills with hands-on challenges that make SQL a breeze.
 Real-Life Applications: Discover how SQL is used in the real world, from managing a magical library to tracking chests.

The book breaks down complex SQL concepts into kid-friendly terms. Whether you dream of becoming a data explorer, coding wizard, or just want to have fun with your computer, this book is the perfect companion for your journey. Purchase at


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