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BookTrib's Bites: Historical Fiction, Mystery, Climate Control, AI Intrigue


The Venice Sketchbook"The Venice Sketchbook"
by Rhys Bowens

Love and secrets collide in Venice during WWII in an enthralling novel of brief encounters and lasting romance by the bestselling author of "The Tuscan Child" and "Above the Bay of Angels."

As Caroline Grant struggles to accept her crumbled marriage, great-aunt Lettie leaves her a sketchbook, three keys, and a final whisper …Venice. Caroline's quest: Scatter Juliet "Lettie" Browning's ashes and unlock mysteries stored away for more than 60 years.

It's 1938 when Juliet arrives in Venice, reconnecting with the man she loves. But as war closes in on Venice, they're forced to fight, survive, and protect a secret that will bind them forever. Key by key, Lettie's life of impossible love, loss, and courage unfolds. Caroline can make it right again as her own journey begins. Purchase at


The Redhead in the Cove"The Redhead in the Cove"
by Scott Addeo Young and Ed Addeo

A kayaker outside the San Francisco Giants baseball stadium seeking an out-of-the-park souvenir instead discovers a body washed up on the rocks in the cove adjacent to the stadium.

When the autopsy shows she didn't drown, evidence leads to suspects from a small town in northern Louisiana to San Francisco. One is Johnny Lynch, a veteran Police Inspector and secret lover involved in an affair with the married victim. He calls on ex-partner Steve Lombardi, now a struggling Private Investigator, to solve the case.

Steve's mission weaves him in and out of the many eccentric characters that inhibit the Bay Area. What Steve finds will haunt him forever. Learn more at


Climate Courage"Climate Courage"
by Andreas Karelas

Andreas Karelas has a message we don't often hear: we have all the tools we need to solve the climate crisis and doing so will improve our lives, our economy, and our society.

But we need stories that are empowering and solutions-oriented, not based in fear. Karelas examines the rapidly falling costs and increased efficiencies of clean energy technologies compared to fossil fuels, the rate of job creation in the clean energy sector, and introduces the inspiring work of climate heroes.

"Climate Courage" shows us how we can move past our collective inaction on climate change and work together to create a more sustainable, clean energy-powered economy that works for everyone. Purchase at


by Guy Morris

SLVIA . . .Decades ago, an AI program escaped the NSA Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and has never been re-captured . . . true story.

Derek Taylor, fugitive hacker and contractor to the NSA, is living under the name of a murdered best friend, hiding from powers who still want him dead. Taylor's ties to a terrorist hacker group leave him open to investigation by Lt. Jennifer Scott, the daughter of a Joint Chief -- a woman determined to prove her worth.

But when a Chinese AI internet virus threatens national security, this unexpected assault forces an autocratic US President to deploy a defective AI weapon. Now, Taylor and Lt. Scott must join forces to stop the evil AI virus from crippling America or destroying SLVIA before an apocalypse swarms over Jerusalem. Purchase at

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