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BookTrib’s Bites: Personal Stories, Wealthy Secrets, STEM Solutions

(NewsUSA) - qWe Are All Addicts by Carder Stout

Expert therapist Dr. Carder Stout believes the soul's authentic voice can heal addictive cycles and remove them from the psyche. The soul is pure consciousness untethered from human experience, and Dr. Stout has maintained sobriety for 17 years using this untapped resource. He also has treated numerous clients for addiction and other mental health conditions using the technique. 

This guide presents a spiritual approach to ridding the mind of the complex problems created by addiction. These solutions have previously been shared exclusively with his patients. Through exercises, meditations, visualizations and writing, Dr. Stout demonstrates how to connect deeply to your soul. Readers will not only gain an understanding of the addiction holding them back, but how to overcome it through self-honesty and self-love. Purchase at

qSecrets of the Penthouse Suite by R.R. Nastasi

Successful but shy Sofia La Scala, a workaholic accountant in New York City, finally dedicates herself to finding Mr. Right, committing to regular happy hours in pursuit of love. She encounters seductive billionaire Alex Chambers and by night’s end is entangled in a lust-driven romance with a man equally full of mysteries as charm.

However, her fantasies come to a crashing halt when she stumbles at work upon what initially looks like a simple programming glitch but is really far more sinister. Inexplicably, it’s also linked to Alex. As Sofia investigates the problem, more questions emerge.

Sofia has embraced her transformation from a shy accountant to a thrill-seeking, fantasy-fueled sex goddess with Alex. But is she willing to face the truth if it means losing him? Purchase at

qThe Antidotes: Pollution Solution by Patty Mechael

Just when a group of fifth-grade friends return to normal life and to school after a global pandemic, the waters of the Chesapeake Bay become polluted by a plastic-eating bacteria experiment gone wrong—and both fish and kids are getting sick!

Izi, Gir, and their friends discover a fishy cover-up. The school has to close again! These climate warriors who call themselves the Antidotes join forces with public health activists to find clean water solutions. They use STEM strategies to help save the earth from a potential disaster—they also have secret meetings and do a little spy work.

The Antidotes race to tell kids how to stay safe. But will the Antidotes be able to get enough kids to achieve zero plastic use before it makes children sick? Purchase at

qMessage in a Matchbox by Sara Fashandi

It all started during the author’s family reunion in the summer of 2006, when she discovered an invaluable treasure: her oldest brother's memories of growing up. His name is Mohsen, and he was born in Tehran, Iran, to poor, struggling young parents. As early as age six, he figured out how to be creative and make money to fill his empty stomach.

As he related his memories, the author understood what made him the fascinating, jovial, and hardworking man he became. He had a calm confidence, and felt no need to impress anyone. He had been through so much, that by the time he was 23, he had lived a fuller life than most people ever experience. These stories are selections from Mohsen's many memories of a childhood in Tehran. Purchase at

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(Updated 3/21/2023) 

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