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BookTrib’s Bites: Unexpected Twists, Small-Town Drama, Food for Thought

Rene Descartes Does Not Exist"Rene Descartes Does Not Exist"
by A.R. LaBaere 

One reviewer describes this most unusual work: "An audacious experiment in Cosmicism and disoriented terror. It repeats, falls over itself, reinvents, creates layers of complex meaning and uses grammatical mistakes in a creative way. At first it is truly maddening and seems as if it goes on forever, but by the time one is in the section about the King in Yellow, it really takes off and puts the reader in an absolutely cosmic sense of despair."

"This is for advanced readers in the Lovecraft-Chambers tradition, who will understand the subtle references and be able to read an unending stream of consciousness mode. I fell in love with it after a whole series of challenges to my sanity and ability to suspend disbelief." Purchase at


Ryder Stephens"Ryder Stephens"
by Veronica L. Ventura

Ryder Stephens is a popular girl who tumbled through her 13 years with effortless ease -- until her center fell. After witnessing her mother's death, Ryder takes to the streets to right the wrongs thrust upon her by an unjust world. Hardships lead to foolish decisions. Starving and failing, pieces of Ryder's shattered ego spill onto the NYC streets. All is lost until that one freezing morning, she spots Jack.

Inviting her into his home, Ryder makes a decision: no more flashbacks, no more grief. With one click, she deletes her past. As different and complicated as Jack’s family is, a fake family is a good deal better than no family at all. Then, the unthinkable happens. Purchase at


by Chris Coppel

In this spine-chilling, time-traveling horror, Craig Edmonds and his young family are awoken at 2 a.m. by someone banging at their front door. On their doorstep they find an unexpected delivery... a large crate with a generic label addressed to his family. Craig, a sheriff in southern Utah and former elite Marine sniper with psychological scars, opens the crate to discover an intricately carved wooden mirror.

Now Craig must fight an enemy and battle against the embodiment of evil in a desperate attempt to save his family. His mission will take him 25 years into the past and 6,000 miles from home in order to defeat the reanimation of a 16th century English witch. Purchase at


Rascal on the Run"Rascal on the Run"
by Howard Tate Scott

Drawn into a web of small-town secrets, family drama, and the rusted tentacles of the Dixie Mafia, a young lawyer is forced to confront his own notions of justice, freedom, love, and sobriety. When an episode of Unsolved Mysteries leads to the capture of a murder suspect on the run for 25 years, the ominous pattern of facts drags a4ttorney Critter Stillwell into a hidden corner of his father Guy's past.

Attorney Guy had defended a black woman charged with the murder of a KKK thug. By the time it was over, Critter's world and the sleepy town of Athens, GA, were in flames. Now an older, wiser Critter discovers stunning connections between Guy's case and his own. He must choose between his duty to the law and an unwavering loyalty to his flawed but charismatic father. Purchase at

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