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School Choice Opens Doors

(NewsUSA) - We are just weeks away from the nation's largest annual celebration of opportunity in education. That celebration is called National School Choice Week, and it is taking place in every neighborhood and community, through 40,594 independently-planned events and activities.

At open houses, school fairs, coffeehouse meetups, rallies, and more, millions of Americans - students, parents, teachers, school leaders, small business owners, elected officials, and individuals - are gathering to raise awareness of the importance of opportunity in education and the doors that it opens.

At its heart, that is what school choice is all about: opening doors.

For families, school choice opens doors to different types of schools, making it more likely that students can find education settings that inspire them to succeed and be happy.

These options include traditional public schools, magnet schools, charter schools, private and parochial schools, virtual schools, and home schools. All of these choices are important, and all of these doors should be opened, because every child is unique. A school that works for one student may not work for another.

And school choice continues to open doors for students after they graduate.

With a strong K-12 education, students are more likely to be successful in college, in a vocational program, and in their careers.

In my eight years as President of National School Choice Week, I have witnessed story after story of children finding opportunities they never thought possible, precisely because of school choice.

I have seen students attend college and go on to graduate with masters' degrees, even though their parents hadn't finished high school.

I've seen students with special needs find a setting where they've thrived. I've seen students who discovered their passions, escaped bullying, and grew in confidence.

And that's what makes school choice - and National School Choice Week - so exciting.

Everyone can be a part of this celebration.

So whether you're looking for a school for your child and want to learn more about your options during the Week, or whether you take time to get informed about all the choices available in your area and share that awareness with others, you're helping the children in your neighborhood.

Above all, I hope you will use National School Choice Week to open doors, for your family or for other families. The next generation will thank you.

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