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Toys for Tots Supports Children for a Summer of Fun and Learning

Toys for Tots Supports Children for a Summer of Fun and Learning

(NewsUSA) - Most children in the United States look forward to their summer break from school as a chance to have fun with friends, spend time with family, and have new adventures and experiences that are so crucial to stimulate and nurture young and inquisitive minds.

However, far too many disadvantaged children across the Nation experience summer vacation as a period of loneliness and isolation, with little support and few resources or opportunities for physical and mental stimulation.

According to the National Institutes of Health, school holidays can be especially stressful periods for children from low-income families, with lack of appropriate child care, limited access to enrichment activities, and food insecurity. These challenges can cause children’s physical and emotional health, as well as academic progress from the previous school year, to stagnate or decline.

Marine Toys for Tots, the Nation's flagship children’s Christmastime charity, has evolved into a year-round force for good, and the organization’s new initiative seeks to provide support for children in need over the summer months.

“We want to help bridge the summer learning-loss gap that children in underserved communities may face. That is why we have enlisted the help from our distribution partners to provide educational toys, books, games, and other gifts through our spring and summertime initiative, ‘School Is Out – Play Is In’ to at-risk children across the country,” says LtGen Jim Laster, USMC (Retired), President & CEO of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

“Needs aren’t seasonal, and neither is Toys for Tots,” says LtGen Laster. “With the rising cost of living and other economic challenges, parents are finding it increasingly difficult to pay bills and put food on their family’s table.  Buying toys, books, or games for their children seems completely out of reach,” he adds. “With the support from our generous donors, we can make sure every child’s summer is filled with opportunities for fun and continued learning.”

The Program’s year-round distributions reassure families who face adversity and exceptional circumstances that Marine Toys for Tots is committed to delivering messages of hope, restoring and building self-esteem, and inspiring youngsters to grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. Every contribution will ensure that our Nation’s most vulnerable children have the educational tools they need to thrive this summer and beyond.

For more information on Marine Toys for Tots’ year-round charitable programs and how you can help, please visit:



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