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BookBites: A Potpourri of Help and Support, Fiction and Lessons for Children


The Living Room: A Lung Cancer Community of Courage"The Living Room: A Lung Cancer Community of Courage"
by Bonnie Addario

The words "lung cancer" strike fear in all of us. But where is the hope? It can be found in "The Living Room," by Bonnie Addario, a 17-year survivor of stage 3B lung cancer and a determined activist on behalf of patients suffering from the disease. "The Living Room" tells the stories of 20 lung cancer patients who have bravely fought the disease and found ways to thrive, not just to survive.

The people you will meet in "The Living Room" will lead you to believe that miracles are all around us, that they're happening every day, and that they just might happen to the next cancer patient who picks up this book. Purchase at


by Jeff Arch

At a boarding school in Pennsylvania, a deathbed request from the school's dean brings three former students back to campus, where secrets and betrayals from the past are brought out into the open -- secrets that could have a catastrophic effect on the dean's 18-year-old son.

Told in alternating points of view and time frames, "Attachments" is the story of two best friends and the girl they both love. The book is a puzzle -- and the only one who knows how all the pieces fit is in a coma. Revelations come out into the open, and someone is about to learn something he may or may not be able to handle. Purchase at

Don't Say a Word! A Daughter's Two Cents"Don't Say a Word! A Daughter's Two Cents"
by Elizabeth Roper Marcus

For the over 44-million adult children in America whose parents are driving them crazy and for baby boomers who are laughing about it, this is one of the few complete comic narratives that plumb the emotional challenges involved, as we navigate the line between anguish and laughter, rage and love.

"Don't Say A Word!" illuminates the maddening challenge of watching our parents' final decline, a challenge familiar to frazzled adult-children everywhere.

A perpetually warring, tyrannical pair in their 80s -- a Macy's dress buyer and a dentist -- begin wintering in Mexico.?The surprising ways in which these parents come undone reveal just what they'd spent their lives trying to hide, thereby setting her free. Purchase at

The Magic Pond"The Magic Pond"
by Hélene Schweiger

"There is a silver lining to every cloud." That is the motto of author Hélene Schweiger, who presents us with a tale about courage, adventure, and the magic of friendship, geared for children as well as adults. As we all go through difficult experiences and changes in our lives, the message in this story helps see the strength we have in ourselves to become who we truly are.

The author loves nature and sees beauty everywhere. She uses storytelling on a daily basis as a perfect way to convey messages to children and adults, helping children become the wonderful adults they have the potential to be. Purchase at

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