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BookBites: Four Intriguing Reads to Start the New Year

"Killer Graces"
by Steve Melen

A journey of adoption, cancer, addiction, and breakthrough living. In his late thirties, Steve Melen thought he had it all -- until a diagnosis of Stage IIIB stomach cancer brought it all to a screeching halt. Steve battled his demons and the fact that he only had a 15 percent chance of survival.

Killer Graces is not just another cancer tale. It is a revelation, exposing how cancer can shine a spotlight on things that people prefer not to think or talk about. It is a story of both weakness and strength as Steve navigates a world of pain, drugs, alcohol, marital problems, and anxiety. Join Steve on his journey of self-discovery. Purchase at

"Up the Creek"
by Alissa Grosso

An unsolved murder. Disturbing dreams. A missing child. Caitlin Walker hasn't had a dream in nine years. But now nightmares torture her son Adam and awaken in Caitlin buried memories and a dark secret. Her husband Lance has a secret of his own, one that his son's nightmares threaten to reveal.

In Culver Creek, newly hired detective Sage Dorian works to unravel the small town's notorious cold case, the grisly murder of a young girl. How are Caitlin and Lance connected to the horrific crime? And how far will they go to make sure their secrets stay hidden? Find out in this riveting thriller. Purchase at

"Synchronicities on the Avenue of the Saints"
by Deborah Gaal

Physicist Noah Friedman is bipolar and is racing against time before the experimental drug he takes steals his mind, then his life. His deranged psychiatrist is aiming to clear $10 million on the sales of this drug and has become Noah's enemy.

As Noah starts his quest to free himself from the drug and the doctor, he soon finds himself with a coterie of odd compatriots. Together they work to stop the worldwide launch of the drug. Can Noah right the wrongs of his ancestors in time to heal himself and also prove that love creates a synchronicity with what and who is loved? Purchase at

"Her Mother's Grave"
by Lisa Regan

When two young boys discover human bones buried beneath a tree in a trailer park, Detective Josie Quinn races to join her team at the scene. Josie's past crashes into her present when it is confirmed that the bones belong to Belinda Rose -- a teenage foster child who was murdered thirty years ago.

Just as Josie gets closer to uncovering a secret that will shatter her world, another body is uncovered. It's clear someone close to Josie will stop at nothing to keep the truth buried forever. As she battles her past demons, can Josie stop this killer before another life is taken? Purchase at

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