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Falling In Love With Automotive Window Film

Falling In Love With Automotive Window Film

(NewsUSA) - Fall offers a perfect opportunity to have window film installed on a vehicle's side and rear windows. As more people learn about the many benefits of window film for their health, safety, and comfort, you may fall in love with window film too!

As leaves give way and the sun's trajectory passes lower in the sky, glare becomes a greater problem for the eyes, and this may lead to an accident from the glare obscuring one’s view. Much like a quality pair of sunglasses, window films can reduce the glare and when it's reduced, the eyes can relax and may see the road ahead better.

Here are a few of the many other benefits of automotive window films:

  • 99 percent of the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays are blocked. UV exposure is a cause of skin and eye damage that may lead to skin cancer and cataracts over time. UV rays also contribute to fading and cracking of surfaces by breaking down fibers, plastics, wood and leather of a vehicle's interior.
  • The direct heat generated by the sun is reflected away from a vehicle's interior by the film, so surfaces are cooler to the touch and there is less demand placed on the vehicle’s air conditioner.
  • By cutting down on the sun's glare coming in through side and rear windows, and also by helping to hold glass together if it is broken in an accident, occupants experience more safety, as they are not showered suddenly by hundreds of glass beads.

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) offers information on what to expect after a professional installation of window film on a vehicle, as well as a Visual Quality Inspection Guideline

Every state has laws concerning vehicles and window films, especially on front windshields and the windows immediately to the left and right of the driver. When arranging a professional installation of window film, be sure to ask the dealership what level of visual light transmission (VLT) will comply with the local jurisdiction where the vehicle is registered. The IWFA offers a chart that shows what VLT level are permitted by law in each of the U.S. states and Canadian provinces.  The IWFA recommendation for window films used on front side windows is nothing darker than a 35 percent VLT film; some states allow darker films behind the driver’s compartment.

The best part of having window film installed on your vehicle in the fall is that it will be ready to help protect you and your family in all seasons, and that's something you can fall in love with.


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