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Four Great Reads for Long Summer Days


"The Reflecting Pool"
by Otho Eskin 

Perfect for Grisham and Patterson fans: murder leads to the White House. When homicide detective Marko Zorn encounters the body of a Secret Service agent - a supposed drowning victim - it leads him to a domestic terrorist group with tentacles into the White House, a White House that does not want this death investigated.

Zorn is placed in the middle of competing D.C. crime bosses feuding over a shipment of illegal arms - making Zorn the hunted and the hunter. He needs to avoid becoming the victim as he navigates the twin forces of evil closing in on him from his legitimate job and facing down political power. Purchase this book at

"Serving to Lead"
by Sgt. Major Keith Craig 

In this Amazon international best-seller, Sgt. Major Keith L. Craig says that if it were up to his enemies, he would be dead. He served his country for three decades in six combat tours. Onlookers see the decorations, but not the man behind the missions.

The man who was awakened nightly by sounds of war and who had to identify the bodies of his soldiers. A man who grieves for others and himself over what was lost in the combat and trauma of battle, and who has rebuilt himself time after time to overcome the challenges of life. "Serving To Lead" is for anyone who was told they weren't good enough or didn't have enough of what it takes to make it. Purchase it at

by Phillip Goodrich 

American printer and scientist Benjamin Franklin found his small world of Philadelphia threatened during King George's War and the proprietor of Pennsylvania totally unwilling to aid in the colony's defense. In his frustration, Franklin sought assistance from friends in London to force the proprietor's hand.

Finding no encouragement at any turn, Franklin developed a plan to free Pennsylvania from this oppression. The scope would expand until all the colonies were involved. Launching the plan required political motivation of all 13 colonies, and with vastly different personal interests among the colonies, two very different historical events provided this motivation. The story of how Franklin orchestrated the American Revolution has been hidden for two centuries. Now it comes to life again. Purchase it at

"The Nun's Betrothal"
by Ida Curtis 

A tale of court intrigue and forbidden love. Before taking her vows, Sister Gilda, along with Lord Justin, must investigate grounds for the annulment of a marriage between Count Cedric and Lady Mariel. They discover that Mariel believes she actually married Cedric's younger half-brother Phillip - Cedric's surrogate - at the marriage ceremony, and that Cedric plans to marry Lady Emma when the annulment is granted. Emma and Phillip, meanwhile, have declared their love for each other.

Gilda and Justin must find a just solution that will satisfy the principals, the archbishop, and the king - and deal with their distracting passion. Purchase it at

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