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Four Gripping Reads: Family Saga and Stories of Personal Struggle and Triumph

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by Sheryl Recinos 

"Hindsight: Coming of age on the streets of Hollywood" takes readers through the author's harsh upbringing and on a journey with her as she struggles to survive as a homeless teen. This book will give you a glimpse into what it is like to feel unheard, unseen, and unloved; and it will reveal the impact of caring adults on traumatized youth.

Says Kirkus, "The fact that her story has a surprisingly happy ending (as the initials "MD" after her name on the memoir's cover attest) does little to blunt the sting that this gritty narrative of homelessness and young womanhood leaves in its wake." Purchase at

"Naked Truth"
by Carrie Hayes 

It is 1868 and spiritualist Tennessee Claflin is smart, sexy and sometimes clairvoyant. But her sister, Victoria Woodhull, is going to make history and be the first woman to run for President of the United States. It starts with the seduction of the richest man in America. Next, they'll take New York City and the suffragist movement by storm.

Boldly ambitious, they stop at nothing, while they brush shoulders with Harriet Beecher Stowe and Susan B. Anthony. Then their backstabbing family takes them to court and their carefully spun lives unravel. Using actual news reportage, "Naked Truth" takes a riveting inside look into the struggle for women's rights after the Civil War. Purchase at

"The Takeaway Men"
by Meryl Ain 

The Lubinski family - Polish refugees living in a Displaced Persons Camp in Germany - comes to New York after WWII, hoping to build a new life. Soon after, a neighbor is arrested for suspected involvement in the Rosenberg spy case - and they find themselves in the midst of one of the most notorious court cases of the Red Scare.

Years later, a former Nazi hiding in their community brings the Holocaust out of the shadows. The girls wonder about their parents' pasts. But it becomes clear that those memories will be more painful to uncover than they could have anticipated. Purchase at

"Poetic License: A Memoir"
by Gretchen Cherington 

At age forty, with two growing children and a new consulting company she'd recently founded, Gretchen Cherington, daughter of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Richard Eberhart, faces a dilemma: Should she protect her parents' well-crafted family myths while continuing to silence her own voice?

Or is it time to challenge those myths and speak her truth - even the unbearable truth that her generous and kind father had sexually violated her? "Poetic License" is one woman's powerful story of speaking truth in a world where, too often, men still call the shots. Purchase at


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